7 Unique Hostels Worth Planning a Trip To

7 Unique Hostels Worth Planning a Trip To


Hostels are a great, social way to travel and often a cheaper alternative to hotels (and even vacation rentals). They’re a great place to meet likeminded people, share travel experiences, and even find a new travel companion. And while most hostels aren’t known for luxury details, they can offer unique experiences.

Unique Hostels Worth Planning a Trip To

If you want part of your travel experience to involve meeting other travelers and staying somewhere off-the-beaten path, check out these seven unique hostels worth planning a trip to.

1. Chili Kiwi Lakefront, Chile

Voted the number one hostel in Latin America for two years running by Hostelworld, the Chili Kiwi Lakefront is a perfect stop if you’re planning a trip to Chile. With several hobbit-themed cylinder rooms and two treehouse rooms, your stay here will be anything but ordinary.

The hostel’s amenities include free parking, free Wi-Fi, plus multiple kitchens and bathrooms, central heating, and even an on-site bar.

The hostel is located directly on Villarrica Lake, which is a great spot for kayaking or paddle boarding. But there are plenty of other activities, like hiking a volcano, visiting a hot spring, and skiing and snowboarding.

2. Mountain Hostel Tarter, Andorra

If hiking through the Pyrenees is on your to-do list, consider a trip to the small but beautiful Principality of Andorra where you’ll find Mountain Hostel Tarter. It’s the perfect home base for the active adventurer, with a mountain location. Whether you’re planning your trip for the summer or the winter, there are plenty of activities to keep yourself occupied.

With panoramic mountain views, a year-round hot tub, and even a small grocery store on-site, your stay here will be nothing but comfortable.

3. Skyewalker Hostel, Isle of Sky, Scotland

If spending time on an island in northern Scotland is on your bucket list, look no further than Skyewalker Hostel … and no, you don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to appreciate it (but it certainly wouldn’t hurt).

The hostel is 25-minutes from Portree, the capital city on the island, and there are buses for easy transport. The Skyewalker has a self-catering kitchen, regular Scottish folk music sessions (with instruments available for guests), as well as a glass dome on site for guests to relax in.

4. Zostel Ooty, India

Ooty is a popular summer destination in India famous for its rose-filled botanical gardens and the 65-acre Ooty Lake. Located only a few kilometers from the city, in a small town called Lovedale, is Zostel. If the name “Lovedale” wasn’t enough to convince you to take a romantic trip here, the scenic views will.

Zostel gives its guest the option to sleep in the classic hostel dorms, a private room, or if you’re feeling adventurous, wake up to the sunrise in a hillside tent.

5. Lucky Lake Hostel, Amsterdam

Located about 30-minutes outside of Amsterdam in the Dutch countryside is a collection of multi-colored caravans that makes up Lucky Lake Hostel. This hostel is far enough away from the city that guests can enjoy a short walk to a lake for kayaking or swimming, while still being close enough that a free shuttle to the metro will have you in the city in no time.

If you’ve been wanting to visit Amsterdam but don’t want to stay in the city, Lucky Lake is the perfect location to book. With all the right amenities (free Wi-Fi, breakfast, and a ping-pong table), you won’t have to worry about anything other than the best way to spend your adventure.

6. Yudanaka Seifu-So, Japan

Hot springs in the mountains? Say no more.

But if you do want to know more, Yudanaka Seifu-So in Nagano, Japan will give you a truly unique experience. Japanese Macaques are a species of monkey that lives in the mountains of Japan. They’re famous for their unusual behavior of soaking in the natural hot springs found there. This hostel is a short trip away from their territory, aptly named Snow Monkey Park.

The Nagano Station is about two and a half hours from Tokyo by train, and another half hour to the hostel from there, so by the time you arrive you’ll be ready to relax in some hot water.

Besides the natural hot tubs, the hostel also offers free Wi-Fi and parking.

7. Celica Art Hostel, Slovenia

Located in the capital city of Ljubljana, the Celica Art Hostel is a beautifully converted historic building. Each room was once a jail cell and many still have bars on the doors, but the inside of each one is designed by a different artist.

Amenities at Celica include free Wi-Fi, a common kitchen, as well as bike and car rentals on-site. It’s safe to say that while it may look like a prison, it won’t feel anything like it.